Childbirth Education

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family

-Kofi Annan


Childbirth education classes

Offering both private and group childbirth education classes, the classes are all taught with a holistic approach.  Classes focus not just on what will occur physically, but the incredible emotional transformation that happen and how to prepare yourself in all aspects.  Parts of these classes are interactive, provide hands on experience, with an encouragement towards asking questions and how to personalize your birth story.  Packed full of knowledge, you will leave feeling confident, educated and empowered so that when the time comes for birth you feel prepared with an understanding of the complex, but incredibly natural, pregnancy, birthing and postpartum process. Private classes also include a customized visual birth plan and specific tips for support based on your individual needs.


Prenatal Classes

This focuses on everything pregnancy and birth related.  Designed to help you through pregnancy, prepare you for labour, make educated decisions about your birth, set realistic expectations and empower you to have the best birth possible.


  • Healthy lifestyle during pregnancy

  • Physical and Emotional Changes

  • How to prepare for birth

  • Comfort during pregnancy

Labour and birth

  • How to tell you are in labour

  • Breathing and visualization techniques

  • Stages of Labour

  • Comfort techniques by stage

  • How to produce hormones naturally

  • Labour and birth positions

  • Hands-On Training for partners

  • Information on medical interventions
    and medical pain relief options

  • Options available to you

  • Natural pain relief options

  • Assisted and Operative Births


Postnatal Classes

This focuses on everything in detail from the first 24 hours to the first year for both the baby and yourself.  Designed to educate you in the physical and emotional care of yourself and your new baby, along with adjusting to your new role as parent.


  • What is normal

  • Diapering options and how to

  • Bathing

  • General safety and cord care

  • How to comfort the baby

  • Sleep

  • Timeline for development


  • Basics of breastfeeding

  • Different positions

  • Benefits and Struggles

  • Proper latch

  • Alternatives to breastfeeding

Yourself & family

  • What is normal

  • Healthy expectations

  • Blues vs. Postpartum Depression

  • Physical care

  • Community Resources

Fees & Class Structure

Private classes

Private Classes for you and a birthing partner.  Private Classes are arranged around your schedule, at your home and tailored to your specific needs (vaginal birth, planned caesarean, medicated vs non-medicated birth).  These classes include a customized visual birth plan for you to take home along with other printed material.  Both parts (prenatal and postpartum) are 4 hours. For booking, please click here and book two 4 hour time slots.

Prenatal: $195
Postnatal: $195
Combined: $355


dual private classes

This option is for two women or couples looking to take prenatal or postpartum classes classes together.  They are still arranged around your schedule, at your home and consist of the same amount of time and a customized visual birth plan, but offer a discount for doing it together.

Prenatal: $145
Postnatal: $145
Combined: $245


Group Classes

Group classes are arranged several times per year, and designed to interact in a group setting.  They total 8 hours and consist of two 4 hour sessions.  One dedicated to prenatal, one dedicated to postnatal. These classes do not offer a customized birth plan, but will include dialogue to prompt you to create your own.
Prenatal: $80
Postnatal: $80
Combined: $145