Holistic Doula Support

ho·lis·tic  |  adjective  | \hō-ˈli-stik\

relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts.
- holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body -


As a Doula I look at all aspects of birth, and believe everything is interconnected. 


Educational Support

As a childbirth educator, I am a wealth of knowledge.  I can help you sift through all the information you're hearing to help you and your partner figure out what is right for you.  This includes help with a birth plan, resources for information that are evidence based and backed by science, access to my lending liubrary and help breastfeeding. 

From a holistic perspective, educational support helps emotionally by empowering you to feel confident in your decisions, reduces stress, which in turn has numerous physical benefits.  Support is available consistently when hired as a Doula via phone, text and email, along with 1-2 visits where I help you figure out what you want in a birth plan, and go over one or two subjects you desire.  Additional prenatal and postpartum classes are available separately or through a package, where we go into extensive detail about every pregnancy and baby related.


Physical Support

There are a few different types of physical support that I offer.  Prenatal physical support involves me providing techniques to minimize any pregnancy discomforts you may have, and also showing your partner  the best way you can be supported through massage and pressure points.  I also go over how to optimize your chances that your child with be in the most ideal birthing position, along with assistance to help spin your baby into the best position if needed.

Postpartum physical support ties more into the educational support aspect, where I can provide numerous resources and information to help your body feel it's best. 

During your birth, I will be there your entire active labour to help ease pain using a variety of techniques such as counter pressure, light massage, breathing guidance, visualization techniques and and aromatherapy.  I also have a rebozo, a traditional garment in Mexico which can be used for helping with natural pain relief, counter pressure, relaxation, optimal baby positioning and much more.  For a great link on rebozos, click here.  Additionally, I like to combine my background is in Behavioral Neuroscience with my training as a Doula to help you raise your hormone levels naturally.  Oxytocin is a hormone, neurotransmitter and one of the biggest players in determining how quickly your labour progresses.  Pitocin, a synthetic version of Oxytocin is frequently given to induce labour. I work with you to help your body raise this hormone naturally.



Emotional Support

Upon hire, you will have constant unbiased, loving support via phone, text and email.  I want you to feel confident, happy, supported, positive and relaxed throughout your prenatal, birth and postpartum period.  I help you to understand emotionally all the changes with your body and during labour itself.  I strive to empower you to be an advocate for the birth you want, giving you assistance and encouragement the entire way.

I can also assist in helping you recognize some of the signs of postpartum mood disorders, provide resources and a listening ear.  Prior to working as a Doula, I volunteered and worked in mental health for years, and emotional well-being is a passion of mine.