Caylan Barber

Birth & Labour Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Consultant Student and Daycare Manager

I started my journey in Ontario where I started studying Psychology at Queen's University.  There I discovered my passion for brain & behaviour; studying how chemicals in our brain affect our lives.  I worked with amazing professors absorbing everything I could.  Eventually I moved up to Sudbury to finish my undergraduate degree at Laurentian University for a more specialized program in Behavioural Neuroscience.  During the course of my studies I had to take a brief intermission at 23 to fight the battle against breast cancer.  This completely changed my outlook on life. I wanted to take what I've learned and start helping people now, and live in a place I love. 

This brought me to back to my BC roots where I started working with not-for-profits to help youth in the foster system, and then eventually moved to Revelstoke, the most beautiful town in Canada.  After living in a place I loved, I started thinking more about what I learned, thinking about how endorphins are naturally produced, how key it is to everything we do.  How hospitals suppress the natural release of these hormones and how few women understand what they can do for themselves during labour.  This is when I started my training with Doula Training Canada as a Birth and Labour Doula and Childbirth Educator to empower and educate women and their partners.

I finished my in-class training with Doula Training Canada in May 2016 and felt completely inspired.  After attending my first birth as a Doula in August I understood really how much I can help women.  Not just through my science background, but by providing unwaivering, unjudgemental support to women and their birthing partners. 

Growing up I had heavy influences from both my parents, my father who is incredibly kind and first nations, and my mother who is an intelligent nurse.  This taught me how to give to others unconditionally, sparked my love of medicine and also look at a more holistic approach on healing, based on the first nations medicine wheel.  The involves looking at all aspects of a person, with the belief that if something is off balance emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually the other aspects also suffer. 

This is why I now believe in looking at a holistic approach to birth, and with my academic studies understand how important the mind-body connection is. 



I love seeing people transition from people to parents.  Helping guide them through the entire process.  Instead of fearing birth, I help people see the natural beauty and power in it all.  Everyday in this career I feel thankful that I get to do something I love in a town I love.

I am fortunate enough to have be working as a Provincial Liaison for the same company I trained with, Doula Training Canada.  With them I get to share this passion all across beautiful British Columbia.

Curiosity is always encourages, if you have any more questions about me, feel free to contact me directly here.

Meg Wheelwright

Birth & Labour Doula and Postpartum Doula

Growing up in Southeast Victoria, Australia, it really is a wonder I chose to settle down in a place so completely opposite from what I’ve known. As a child my mother called me her “earth warrior”. I protected and was so sensitive to all of mama earths creatures. At age 18, restless of my seaside home, I traded sandals for ski boots and on a whim, got myself a job at a ski resort in northern Victoria. My thirst for mountains didn’t stop there, for the next 4 years I would travel through Japan, Asia and North America working any job that would keep me skiing practically year-round.   Eventually finding myself in Revelstoke, BC and weary of my transient lifestyle I had landed. I was home.  Lapping up all that these mountains had to offer. Even as the seasons changed, I couldn’t get enough of this place and this community. 

In moving to Revelstoke, I was able to reignite years of a slow burning passion for my yoga practice. Diving deeper into this practice, getting to know myself and become familiar with the mind-body connection; I decided to take my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. I was at a time in my life where I believed my sensitive nature to be a problem that seemed to get me into trouble. I often ‘cared too much’ or ‘felt too much’. Through this training, I allowed myself to be guided by my intuition, so that what I began to share with the world became increasingly unique and authentic to me. 

Teaching is still a passion and helped me discover my voice. I love watching students discover a spark in their practice, surprise themselves, laugh at themselves and become in tune with their heart. I love watching fast people slow down, and learn to love their natural opposite. I love watching them fly.  

From teaching I gained a better understanding of mindfulness, breath work and the body. It makes sense now that yoga teacher to birth work was the evolution of my career.  Both of these professions have me accepting the beautiful balance of being perfectly imperfect – that our experiences are unique to us, a direct expression of ourselves, as we are- unfiltered, raw and incredible.  Doula work and teaching give me lessons in accepting the beauty of everything exactly as it is. Not how we wish it was or how we imagined it, but exactly as it is. And they both draw back on the power of presence and mindfulness. 

I am a doula because I chose to follow my natural innate desire to nurture, stay sensitive, lean into my naturally intuitive feminine side and watch people rise. I feel that being a doula truly celebrates these qualities. I feel incredibly honoured to be certifying with Doula Canada in their Dual Stream program as a Birth, Labour and Postpartum Doula. Postpartum work is my ultimate passion project.


The transition to parenthood can be earth-shattering. In the best of ways and the most overwhelming. My own journey through the postpartum period and my experience fumbling through postpartum depression has left me yearning to support people in this way. To me, this work is an offering. Offering you, the knowledge that you are never, ever alone on this journey. That there is wisdom, comfort techniques and someone here to help you navigate the emotions that partner with the experience of childbirth, a resource just waiting to be tapped into. I’m excited to see how my journey unfolds and share my passion with you.  

I am... perfectly imperfect- mama bird to Luca, birth & postpartum doula, rookie potter, earth advocate, trying to be a better human. I feel called to support you and your family as you embark on the transition into parenthood and the wild ride it is. 

I cant wait to work with you.