What is a Doula?



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One of the most common questions asked is what is a doula, what is the role of a doula, and is a doula needed if there is already a partner or friend?  A doula isn't just a partner or friend, but trained professional in everything birthing & postpartum related.  A doula is a guide and coach that gets you through the toughest times in pregnancy, birth and adjusting to life with a new baby. 

Certified doulas train with an institute where they learn an incredible amount of information along with hands on techniques to help provide comfort and natural pain relief.  Aside from being your "go to" person for every question that might pop into your head during pregnancy and new parenthood (no more late nights on google!)  they bring with them numerous tools, such as massage tools, essential oils and a rebozo to help make you as comfortable as possible. 

Doulas know what to say during your birth to help guide you to the finish line, visualization and breathing techniques.  They are also experts in postpartum care and help you adjust to your new journey.  During your labour, a doula is there 24/7 the entire time, and doesn't have a shift changes like medical professionals.  During your postpartum period, the work is scheduled around a time that works for you, when you need it most. They are observant and can tell what you need, when you need it, often helping in the moment before you ask.

A doula is a valuable addition to any team rather than a replacement for a spouse or family member.  One of our favourite things is helping your partner understand how to be the best support they can be, queuing them on when to step in, and getting them involved in your birth and baby in a way that they feel comfortable.

Aside from these things, a doula will work with you and your team to discover exactly the best way they can fit in, help you, and customize this journey to revolve around what you want, with unconditional support along the way.  Because of our training and knowledge, having a doula at your birth significantly decreases the chances of medical interventions, c-sections, medical induction, and increases the chances of successful breastfeeding and overall feeling positive about your birth.  A postpartum helps provide relief and support in the time where you need it the most. You can see the statistics and references here, and can contact me if you have any additional questions.  Curiosity is always encouraged.